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05 février 2020

"Get your creatures doing something!"

Reading a Bryce Lynch's article about Random Encounters tables and "Get your creatures doing something!".
My try for the next dungeon...

Roll 1d8 + 1d4

1. Centipedes, giant (1d4+1)
1) tracing letters in the dust 2) laying eggs in a dead body. 3) sloughing their old skin and mutating to larger size. 4) wrapped around a meditating monk

2. Kobolds (2d4):
1) deboning a Bugbear. 2) totally drunk. 3) looking for an antidote. 4) catching frogs.

3. Bugbear (1):
1) deboning 2d4 kobold. 2) trying to play bagpipes. 3) catching butterflies. 4) looking for a dentist.

4. Skeletons (1d6):
1) trying to eat food. 2) swapping skulls. 3) reading Hamlet aloud. 4) playing dead.

5. Rats, giant (1d8):
1) building a bones pyramid to reach a hole in the ceiling. 2) escorting a rat wearing a crown who talks if respectfully approached. 3) trying to disarm a bear trap. 4) moving a huge piece of cheese.

6. Albino Ape (1):
1) masturbating like mad. 2) wearing a crown and aping a king. 3) throwing coconuts on everyrhing that moves. 4) mimicking the characters

7. Crab Spider (1):
1) Going crazy, changing colour every second. 2) dragging dead prey 3) Vomiting a half dead halfling. 4) striking random keys on a xylophone

8. Acolytes (1d4):
1) arguing about the orthodoxy of the Gilfigite theosophy in which Zo Zam, the eight-headed deity, struck off his toe, which then became the sun, while drops of his blood dispersed to form the eight races of mankind*... They need an arbitrator. 2) begging for food. Will try to eat people who don’t give anything. 3) trying to recruit new believers with cudgels and a fishnet. 4) fucking the stolen Holy Mummy of a rival cult.

* From The Pilgrims in Cugel The Clever



EDIT: I'm a dwarf, just check this blog :


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More art...

More art by Li-An and, great news, Luka Rejec is now on the boat.

Capture d’écran 2020-02-05 à 20

Capture d’écran 2020-02-05 à 20

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23 janvier 2020

Future zine...

Some page of the future zine... A5 sized. Around 180 pages. Work in progress...Stay tuned!

Capture d’écran 2020-01-23 à 18

Capture d’écran 2020-01-23 à 18

Capture d’écran 2020-01-23 à 18

Capture d’écran 2020-01-23 à 18

Capture d’écran 2020-01-23 à 18

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20 janvier 2020

New Monster: Mossling

Sort of forest zombie. More powerful than a zombie, but generally solo. Art by Ivan Caceres.


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19 janvier 2020

Art for the Living Armour, by the Almighty Li-An.

Living Armour Lvl 12 :




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17 janvier 2020

8 Statues Encounters.

I like statues.


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15 janvier 2020

New Character Class - Living Armor

I'm going to rework the "Upgrades" part which is a bit goofy. Waiting for Li-An's art.


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Li-An making art for us... :)

Li-An's vision of the Ne'er-do-well character class. I'm super happy.
Li-An is a French cartoonist (graphic novels).
I'm fan of his work since his Planète Lointaine. You can see his work on his blog :  Check his adaptation of Jack Vance's Tschaï.



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14 janvier 2020

12 Magic Blades

1 - Throw this silver DAGGER in the air, its blade will always point north once on the ground.

2 - The pommel of this SHORT SWORD represents an owl’s head which hoots gently when the sun goes down. The sword is +1 during night, -1 during daytime.

3 - Stick this LONG SWORD in the ground and the gem encrusted in its pommel shines like a candle.

4 - This gleaming GLAIVE does variable damages, depending of the day. Roll 1d6 at the first combat of the day:  1 = 0, 2 = 1d4, 3 = 1d6, 4 = 1d8, 5 = 1d10, 6 = 1d12. Reroll every day.

5 - Three times per day, the magic mouth on this +1  LONG SWORD’s pommel sum up the last eight hours activities of his wielder. Loudly, in trash talk, with harsh comments.

6 - When ordered, this snickering SCIMITAR can do 1D10 more damage to your target and cause you to lose 1D6 points of wisdom for 1D4 days.

7- the gloomy song of this black TWO-HANDED SWORD in combat causes everyone in a 15’ radius but you to lose 1 AC.

8 - On the command word «Biggus!» this little ivory KNIFE becomes a long sword for 1d10 turns 3 times a day.

9 - When you hit one of your fellow adventurers with this shadish radiant KRISS, you gain as many hps than you did damage. Only 1 hp if he’s a hireling, though.

10 - This ever rusted SCRAMASAX loves your blood. Use it to scarify yourself (1-6 hp, your choice) and the blade will become +2 for a number of rounds equal to your loss

11 - The hysterical laugh of the Demon’s head that briefly appears on the pommel of this runes engraved FLAMBERGE when you roll a critical hit, makes everyone including you in a 15’ radius must pass a Save vs Paralysis or stay dazed for 1d6 rounds.

12 - The barbed blade of  this FALCHION turns blue when rain’s coming.


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D66 Former Occupations

You just rolled your character and feel lucky? Roll d66 to define your former occupation.
Then roll d6: 1-2: get the pleasant (a) particularity. 3-4: get the not so pleasant (b) particularity. 5-6: get both.
Before leaving for adventure, you was a...

11 - Grave Robber.
a) 1-in-6 to resist Energy Drain.
b)1-in-6 per night to be haunted (no rest).
12 - Burglar.
a) Pick Lock like a thief, +10% if thief.
b) Thief’s guild is looking for you.
13 - Itinerant dog Shaver.
a) Even bad dogs like you
b) Whatever you do, you have fleas.  
14 - Wizard’s Factotum.
a) Save vs Spells +1.
b) Fear of magic (like Barbarian).
15 - Apprentice Sorcerer.
a) Naturally cast one 1st level spell per day (choose randomly every day).
b) 1-in-100 to abruptly cast Fireball when entering any tavern, inn or market place.
16 - Baron’s child.
a) Start with 100 + d100 gp.
b) Stepfather paid Assassins’guild to get you drown.
21 - Peasant’s child.
a) Magic bag, always contains 1 succulent turnip when waking up
b)Father paid Pig Farmers’ guild to bring you back in a jute bag
22 - Highway Bandit.
a) Proficient with spiked club whatever the class, +1 if Fighter.
b) A price on your head.
23 - Blacksmith.
a) Good at  fixing metal stuff
b) face burned by terrible accident, CHA -1.  
24 - Married man/woman.
a) She/he gave you a good luck charm: no fumble ever
b) Father in law paid baillif’s men to bring you back in a jail wagon.
25 - Bard’s handyman.
a) Good at singing.
b) Sing only bawdy songs, always at the wrong time (at referee’s discretion).
26 - Troubadour.
a) Good funambulist, mime or juggler
b) Gone with the group’s receipts, they’re after you.
31 - Executioner.
a) Proficient with axe whatever the class, +1 if Fighter.
b)1-in-6 per night to be haunted
(no rest).  
32 - Tax Collector.
a) Good at detecting shady stuff
b) Someone you ruined prepares merciless revenge.  
33 - Miner.
a) Always find north in underground environment
b) Recurring claustrophobia. 1-in-6 every six hours in underground: roll 2d keep the worst for any rolls during next 6 hours.
34 - Exotic Dancer.  
a) Good at seducing people.
b) Decrepit wizard enamored with you sent his minions to bring you back in a golden cage.
35 - Palace Guard member.
a) Proficient with Halberd whatever the class, +1 if Fighter.
b) Got jiggy with Prince/Princess: a price on your head.
36 - Exorcist.
a) You can turn undead like a level 1 Cleric, like level +1 if Cleric.
b) Energy Drain kills you on 2-in-6.
41 - Beggar.
a) Good at catching rumors. Roll twice.
b) Malnutrition got you. HD is -1.
42 - Shoemaker.
a) You have nice shoes.
b) You’re leather allergic.
43 - Changeling.
a) 4 dragonfly wings in your back under a large silk coat. Like Feather Fall.
b) You’re a jinx: on 1-in-6 twice a day, something happens at referee’s discretion.
44 - Child abucted by Faerie.
a) Can move your nose bizarrely and cast any one 1st level illusionist spell once a day.
b) The King of Feys sent his 3 best goblin knights to bring you back in a portable hole.
45 - Slave.
a) FOR +1
b) Your former master is after you.
46 - Bonesetter.
a) Can heal 1d3 hp per 6 turns of continuous work.
b) Magical healing can’t work on you.
51 - Zealot of the Serpent Cult.
a) Save vs poison +1.
b) Infamous cult’s tatoo on the forehead, CHA -1 and bad reputation.  
52 - Fanatic Acolyte of the Righteous Lawbringer Order.
a) +1 AC vs chaotic opponent
b) 1-in-12 becoming bersek when encountering chaotic being.
53. Quarryman.
a) FOR +1.
b) CON -1.
54 -  Poacher.
a) You’re good at survival skills.
b) A bear ate your left arm.
55. Landsknecht.  
a) Roll 2d keep the best when rolling damage with Flamberge (proficient whatever the class).
b) Bad wound and bad reputation, DEX -1 CHA -1.
56 - Ghost Hunter.
a) Roll 2d and keep the best when rolling damage vs incorporeal undead.
b) Always get the shakes, WIS -1 and embarassing for social life.  
61 - Fisherman.
a) Tiny magical hook: always catching enough to feed 1d6 people after 1 hour of fishing .
b) Cursed by angry river spirit: whatever you do, you smell like dead fish.
62 - Butcher
a) Your knife makes damage like sword.
b) Fanatical vegan.
63 - Rat-catcher.
a) Resist disease in 3-in-6.
b) The Rat king sent three vicious giant rats to eat your heart, alive.
64 - Pilgrim.
a) Inn prices always halved for you.
b) WIS -1 until you pray in 77 different temples.
65 - Gravedigger.
a)Undeads don’t attack you if there is at least one other convenient unattacked target.
b)You never laugh.
66 - Dead.
a) All mundane damages you receive are halved (rounded down).
b) All characteristics -1


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