Reading a Bryce Lynch's article about Random Encounters tables and "Get your creatures doing something!".
My try for the next dungeon...

Roll 1d8 + 1d4

1. Centipedes, giant (1d4+1)
1) tracing letters in the dust 2) laying eggs in a dead body. 3) sloughing their old skin and mutating to larger size. 4) wrapped around a meditating monk

2. Kobolds (2d4):
1) deboning a Bugbear. 2) totally drunk. 3) looking for an antidote. 4) catching frogs.

3. Bugbear (1):
1) deboning 2d4 kobold. 2) trying to play bagpipes. 3) catching butterflies. 4) looking for a dentist.

4. Skeletons (1d6):
1) trying to eat food. 2) swapping skulls. 3) reading Hamlet aloud. 4) playing dead.

5. Rats, giant (1d8):
1) building a bones pyramid to reach a hole in the ceiling. 2) escorting a rat wearing a crown who talks if respectfully approached. 3) trying to disarm a bear trap. 4) moving a huge piece of cheese.

6. Albino Ape (1):
1) masturbating like mad. 2) wearing a crown and aping a king. 3) throwing coconuts on everyrhing that moves. 4) mimicking the characters

7. Crab Spider (1):
1) Going crazy, changing colour every second. 2) dragging dead prey 3) Vomiting a half dead halfling. 4) striking random keys on a xylophone

8. Acolytes (1d4):
1) arguing about the orthodoxy of the Gilfigite theosophy in which Zo Zam, the eight-headed deity, struck off his toe, which then became the sun, while drops of his blood dispersed to form the eight races of mankind*... They need an arbitrator. 2) begging for food. Will try to eat people who don’t give anything. 3) trying to recruit new believers with cudgels and a fishnet. 4) fucking the stolen Holy Mummy of a rival cult.

* From The Pilgrims in Cugel The Clever



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